NEO Greenhouse Industry

Greenhouse Manufacturers & Equipment Suppliers

CropKing, Lima, Ohio, is a manufacturer and distributor of commercial greenhouse structures, hydroponic growing systems, supplies, and equipment, selling throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.
CareFree Garden
CareFree Garden is’s online hobby division, offering hobby greenhouses, organics, hobby hydroponic growing systems, lights, supplies and accessories for year-round growing.

Arcadia GlassHouse
Arcadia GlassHouse, Painesville, Ohio, markets free-standing and lean-to glass greenhouses and hobby greenhouse kits, high quality glass greenhouses, greenhouse supplies and greenhouse equipment for the home gardening enthusiast.

Ludy Greenhouse Manufacturing Corporation

Ludy Greenhouse Manufacturing Corporation, New Madison, Ohio, has served the commercial, industrial and institutional greenhouse industry since its founding in 1956.  Ludy’s exclusive SL aluminum structures and steel frame houses — R/S Series, Patriot Series and Quonsets — are the premier products on the market.

Rough Brothers Inc.
Rough Brothers Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio, has designed, engineered, manufactured and installed greenhouses and related systems since 1932.

Greenhouse Supplies and Equipment

BFG Supply Company
BFG Supply Company, Burton, Ohio, in conjunction with DeCloet Greenhouses, offers free standing and standard or widespan gutter-connected greenhouses, cold frames, lean-tos and ventilation systems.

Smithers-Oasis Company
For 30 years, Smithers-Oasis Company, Kent, Ohio, has been providing growers in the commercial greenhouse industry with OASIS® Grower products—quality sterile propagation media for quick rooting of vegetative plant material and seed germination. With the initial introduction of the OASIS® Rootcube® in the early 1970’s, Smithers-Oasis revolutionized the vegetative plant propagation industry to where it is today. OASIS® Rootcubes, Horticubes®, and Wedge® foam products benefit the commercial grower as they are rigid, open-celled, water-absorbing foams, specifically engineered for optimal callus and root formation. Crops most commonly rooted in OASIS® medias are poinsettias, geraniums, spring flowering crops, foliage, hibiscus, herbs, lettuce, and woody ornamentals.

Retail Greenhouse Growers

Lonardo’s Greenhouse and Fresh Produce Market
Lonardo’s Greenhouse and Fresh Produce Market, Youngstown, Ohio, operates greenhouses with an immense selection of plants, as well as a large selection of farm-fresh produce.  Lonardo’s 13 greenhouses produce seasonally grown and harvested vegetables that include tomatoes, grape tomatoes, green peppers, hot cubanelle peppers, jalapenos, eggplant, baby eggplant, red leaf lettuce, green leaf lettuce and romaine lettuce.

Dean’s Greenhouse
Dean’s Greenhouse, Westlake, Ohio, was established in 1924 and is one of the area’s oldest, continually operational businesses. Dean’s Greenhouse offers fresh produce at its Westlake retail greenhouse.  Dean’s Greenhouse features items grown right in its own Porter Road gardens and greenhouses.  Plus, Dean’s Greenhouse scours the local farmer’s auctions each week to find the very best locally grown produce.  What they have varies from week-to-week but some of the things include lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers (of all sizes and levels of heat), onions, carrots, herbs and more.

Kollman’s Greenhouse
Kollman’s Greenhouse, Inc., Twinsburg, Ohio, is a Northeast Ohio greenhouse and garden center serving Cleveland, Akron, Youngstown, Twinsburg, Solon, Hudson, Aurora and surrounding communities.  It is
owned and operated by Scott and Sue Kollman.  In 1972, Scott purchased the greenhouse (formerly Herrick’s Greenhouse built in the late 1930s).

Rosby Greenhouse and Garden Center
Rosby Greenhouse and Garden Center, Brooklyn Heights, Ohio, sells flowers and herbs, hanging baskets, annuals and perennials and vegetables.

Gale’s Garden Centers
Gale’s Greenhouses, Brunswick, Ohio, offer beautiful tropicals including hanging baskets, table and floor plants. See flowering plants including gold fish plants, kalanchoes, violets, and more. Please call for availability.  Gale’s Garden Center, Brunswick offers a vast array of lawn and garden merchandise featuring Gale’s own custom lawn fertilizers, national brand fertilizers, pond supplies and garden problem solvers.